“I hate Cameron’s new songs. Maybe Daniel Bryan was right, the message she could be sending to little girls is that money and sex is everything in a business.”

“I honestly LOVE Goldust and Stardust, so entertaining.”

“I wish people would give Eva Marie a chance.”

“What Stephanie did to Nikki and Brie this Raw was a real dick move.”

“I want another pipebomb from AJ.”

“Dean Ambrose dancing on Raw to Heath Slater’s theme was amazing.”

“Poor Randy Orton. His off-screen love life seems to be a hot mess, yet it’s way more entertaining than his current on-screen storyline.”

“It kind of upsets me how John Cena is not on every RAW, I mean isn’t he the champion?”

“I like Stardust, I do.. but I do miss Cody Rhodes.”

“Maria Kanellis > Eva Marie
She even rocks the red hair better… still love you Eva”